Having a portrait of your loved ones is very special, make for great gifts, and may be passed on to future generations.

Becky is most fascinated with the landscape of the human face
and the plethora of expressions and face shapes.  Painting faces without hair or clothing is her unique style based on her philosophy regarding human value.  Excluding colors from peripheral forms and treating it with pencil outlines only, the artist conveys the core value of the portrayed person in a simple and aesthetic way.

However, she can paint portraits in a variety of styles, which include hair, clothing, and backgrounds.

The artist paints portraits from photographs or life. For local clients, she prefers to take photographs herself.

PRICING: Many factors- size, subject- determine the price of commissions. Portrait price ranges are roughly $500 - $5000.

The artist will work with your budget, so it is best to share the photograph and discuss with her.


If you would like to submit a commission request, please contact Becky here